Resources Related to Diversity and Integration

EEG Setup & Training Videos

BioSemi system setup. Filmed by Kamin Kim. Featuring the DML‘s excellent research assistants Meyhaa Buvanesh and Aria Fereydouni, with Halle as the participant. Please feel free to use and share with attribution. Opinions and suggestions are our own.

Historical CVs

It can be intimidating to look at the CVs of people in the positions you’re applying to. However, many times, we forget that we’re looking at someone who is often several (or more!) years into their position. Therefore, Dr. Dimsdale-Zucker is sharing historical versions of her CV so that you have a representative perspective of her achievements when she was applying for different positions from post-undergraduate through to faculty. Furthermore, this should allow you to see (at least one person’s) trajectory. We hope this helps with the kinds of feelings of under-achievement we have all had, especially Dr. Dimsdale-Zucker, who, as an early graduate student, struggled to publish empirical work for many years.

Job Application Materials

Dr. Dimsdale-Zucker was incredibly fortunate to only go on the academic job market once and land a TT (tenure track) job at UC Riverside. Below are the application materials that she used in this job search. To streamline the process, she wrote generic versions of the materials and then identified places where she could personalize them for each position (green highlighted text). Below, you will find the template document for each application section as well as how she personalized this for UCR. These materials are meant to be used as a general reference. By posting them publicly, Dr. Dimsdale-Zucker is not granting permission for the text to be used exactly or in part in your own application (she would consider this plagiarism).